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What We Do...

Art Reach Bahrain is a non-profit group of artists and designers who volunteer their time and skills, to work with students and community members to produce creative art installations for public parks and streets in Bahrain. Our members and volunteers are Bahraini and non-Bahraini working together for the benefit of the community.

Our mission has been to inspire creativity, to teach new skills and to promote the value of working for the benefit of others. Our hope is that through this collaboration, students will learn that they can make a positive change to their environment.




Our aim is to add colour and interest to public roads, parks and coastal areas through the use of brightly coloured mosaic. In addition to beautifying areas of Bahrain, we believe that public art encourages conversation and a connection with the community we live in. 

Budaiya's Mosaic Bus Stop

In March 2015, Art Reach launched its first mosaic project by decorating a public bus stop in front of Cypress Gardens on Budaiya Avenue. This was possible thanks to generous support from the Northern Area Municipality and the creative energy of students from different schools across the island.

Community Service
Student Workshops

Art Reach endeavours to engage students from high schools and universities in the creation of public art. Our workshops are designed to involve people in all stages of the mosaic process including the creative design and implementation of the project.


By participating in our community art initiatives, volunteers work to improve under-utilized or neglected public areas, thereby benefitting the wider community. Accordingly, students can fulfill community service requirements, such as, IB CAS, British Duke of Edinburgh awards, and more.

Corporate Workshops

Workshops can also be tailored to businesses interested in:

1. corporate team building events

2. corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives



We rely on sponsors and donations for all workshop materials and expenses leading to project completion. It is thanks to the support of partners and our sponsors that our workshops are offered free-of-charge. 

In funding a mosaic art workshop, businesses pledge to donate completed art works to a public space with equal access to all. If feasible, the sponsor may choose to temporarily display the artwork at its premises, until site preparation is completed. 

Art Reach assesses projects according to criteria outlined here:


Our public art projects are a collaborative effort in which the skills, talents and labor of all our volunteers come together with the aim of re-creating public spaces. To date, contributions from people from different communities and professional backgrounds were made to implement our projects. Students, members of the public, governmental organizations and businesses have donated materials, services-in-kind or funding for the creation of our public art installations. 

Paralympic Mural for BMI

In October 2019, Art Reach collaborated with visiting American artist, Seana Mallen, to design a mural for Bahrain Mobility International's sports hall. The hall serves the disabled community as a sports venue and an events space. Art Reach proposed a mural to celebrate the achievements of Paralympic athletes and to inspire BMI's community of differently abled individuals. The mural, sponsored by the Yousif & Aysha Almoayyed Charity group, is a colorful back-drop at events, highlighting BMI's unique identity.

Public Space Beautification Projects
The Nest 2015, Adliya

In December 2015, Art Reach joined in The Nest. This annual event organized by Al Riwaq Art Space, is a celebration of public art and design, with a 5-week long programme of events.


As participating artists, our members and student volunteers refurbished neglected cement benches in Adliya and transformed them into works of art. Through self-initiated public space beautification projects, Art Reach sets out to make something happen that goes beyond art as entertainment. Volunteers are invited not only to express their creativity, but to take back control of their neighborhood and re-create public space.


The refurbished benches pictured above are a permanent feature in Adliya for the public's use and enjoyment.

If you are interested in sponsoring

a community art initiative, contact:


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