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Proposed Projects


The architectural diagrams shown here are the work of Art Director, Rula Al Chorbachi.

Art Reach members have created a series of mosaic cubes for sale. You can get in touch with us with enquiries about art commissions.

Other photos on this page do not represent the work of Art Reach Bahrain. They are examples taken from the internet that are helpful in illustrating possible projects for public spaces.


For more inspiring photos, go to Art Reach Bahrain on:

linear tales mosaic cube

Art commissions: individually crafted mosaic art pieces by our members

Wall of hanging mosaic tubes

A wall of hanging mosaic cylinders.

Pedestrian area with pillars & cubes

Colorful pillars & cubes beautify this pedestrian area.

Pedestrian or park area

Benches attached to mosaic pillars create a place to rest and add interest in a park.

Decorative pillars for a park

More decorative pillars for a public space.

This is our city-pillar installation

"This is our City," is a large-scale installation designed to represent the community's strength and unity.

rock decoration

Adding color to rocks in a park.

decorative bollard-seats

Decorative bollard-seats for a street or park.

park wall

A boundary wall made of colorful tiles.


An archway built to frame a view of the sea or park.

sculptural feature in a park

Sculptural features add interest in a park

decorative cones

Decorative cones

decorative features

Mosaic spheres can replace colorful flowers in places.

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