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students in Shakhurah workshop

Who We Are...


Art Reach Bahrain is a not-for-profit company with a vision of using art to inspire and strengthen the community. The company's partners and founding members are:

  • Lena Dajani, Program Director

  • Rula Al Chorbachi, Art Director

  • Bodour E. Yaqoub, Director for Public Relations 

Art Reach members are Bahraini and non-Bahraini, and come from different professional backgrounds: architecture, the visual arts, jewellery design, interior design, landscape architecture, project management and more. 

Our mission is to beautify Bahrain's public streets and parks, engaging youth in community service through the creation of artistic and colourful installations. We believe that by creating durable artistic landmarks, a connection with place can be formed that draws on a common purpose and identity.

Our members' duties are defined by Art Reach's mission, goals and activities. Our project creations belong to society-at-large and are not owned by any one organization because our work is done with the support and collaboration of a diverse group of volunteers and sponsors from the community.

How we got started

In 2014, Art Reach approached the Northern Area Municipality with an idea to beautify Bahrain's streets and parks using colorful mosaic tiles. By getting the community directly involved in the creative process, their hope was that participants would take pride in their work and learn the value of making positive changes in their environment.

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